Our Speech

Like watches, they represent the time we do not have. Time can be a tricky thing. It will make you feel like you have so much time on this earth. That you have forever to fix somethings, that you have forever to hold on to things that have no real value or meaning. Yet, in essence, time is not our friend. It is truly our enemy, it is here to remind us daily that at any moment. time will change. Time will always win, time will outlast us all. Time will always be here and laughs in our faces because it knows we won't. You'll have missed opportunities, Loved ones are gone and time will still remain.  When you wear your watches. It's to remind you all that time isn't on your side. That in truth it's time for healing, time for forgiving, and time to honor each other as men. You don't have time to hold grudges, anger or walk in fear.  What you do have is this moment! to love one another as men and family first. To allow each other to make the mistakes needed without harsh judgment. To honor each other's growth and decisions as men. ( even when we don't agree)  What you have is this moment and this moment only. To choose to see each other as men who have grown. To fix It! to work at loving each other with kindness. You have this moment and this moment only. for time isn't your friend, nor does it care about your burdens or trails. Time waits for no one, yet time will always outlive us all - Haneef R Jordan